How to Practice Concentration on God Daily

Pujya Radhakrishna Swaniiji said: 'One should practise concentration on God daily either in the morning or evening at least for 10 minutes. If the mind gets into the habit of going with a single form, then it will be easier to merge in a single thought. In the beginning the mind is sure to move around. Let it go wherever it wants to. When we come to know that the mind has slipped away, we must bring it back. We achieve this by practice. The most important thing to understand is that the senses should be controlled and the mind should be stationed in God. For this, let our eyes see the God's form, let the tongue repeat His name, let the ears hear that sound and let the hands do His Bhajan. If this is continuously practiced, the mischief of senses decreases and the mind becomes calm. If we succeed in this, Japa may not be necessary".

"If the Japa becomes continuous, the form on its own accord is bound to appear. Then the mind naturally flows towards God. The important thing we have to understand is that the body consciousness should vanish. If we think we are this body, we are the body only. This is the same as saying that the ego should go. When the ego goes, He will come".

"If we are in communion with God both in the morning and evening, we can get over our difficulties and problems and secure happiness and peace."

Swamiji also said: "Of all the natural activities of a man, eating is particularly important in special ceremonies. It is not just stuffing the belly. It is a vital function of charging life with fuel, on the quality and manner of which will depend the functioning of the entire psycho-physical mechanism of man. Food affects not only internal purity but also the mental purity. From purity of food arises purity of mind; purity of mind leads to divine dwelling and out of such dwelling. is effected the breaking of all bonds, supreme liberation. Those who exercise discrimination over food can keep away thoughts of sex also. Control of senses depends on the control of taste. Milk and fruits that is useful in achieving control over the senses rather than spices and sweet dishes. Food taken from the point of view of health and not for its taste is always beneficial in ensuring self-control. If we take food for the sake of health and for gaining spiritual strength, the food will surely produce good results. If on the other hand, we take our food without any thought of what good it will do to the system, if it is taken merely for the taste, it will make the mind weak and open to all evil influences. Hence, the food prepared neatly in all its purity - Satvic type of food offered to the God and if taken, it gives real value for it. By purification of the senses, mind is controlled. The nature of the food reacts on the mind and moulds the character. Satvic food is delicious and nourishing and conducive to the health of the body, longevity and the development of the intellect.

If we meditate on Sai Baba either form or formless, we will get 'Ananda'. If such formless contemplation is hard, then we must think of Baba's form. Think of it night and day. With such meditation the mind dissolves into unity. Then the, difference between Baba and ourselves and the act of contemplation will be lost. Sai Baba's glance is bread and milk for the pupil.

After crossing the mire of delusion, when our intellect has become steadfast and firm in meditation, then we will attain Self-Realization or union with God.

We must sit in meditation devoting with heart and soul after controlling all 'our senses, we should not feel proud of our sense control because pride goes before downfall. Without developing egoism, we must feel that it is only God's grace. By divine grace, we must devote ourselves thinking that he is God and God is his, while he is neither of the world nor the world is his.

Delusion is born of egoism, the sense of mine or desire. To accept the body as '1' or 'Mine' is delusion born of egoism.

Meditate on Sai Baba either with form or formless, if we feel that such formless contemplation is difficult, then think of Baba's form. With such meditation, the mind dissolves into unity. The difference between subject and the act of contemplation will be lost. Sri Sai Baba further said on meditation: "Meditation is many lakh times superior to Manana and Sravana. All of you should move with fraternal feeling."

"Divine knowledge can be attained by constant meditation. Meditation is philosophical feast."

"Meditation means that mind must get accustomed to the mind itself, instead of working elsewhere. Your mind is always wandering hither and thither. By meditation, you can regulate it. Concentration is the method of revelation and also it is the method of realization. It reveals the nature of the object concentrated upon. If you concentrate on Me, 1 will come before you."

"You must realize that all objects in their Universe are external except God. You must shut out all external objects and they can be renounced through meditation. In meditation, when you concentrate on God, you can develop disinclination for the external objects. Attachment to the external object is obstacle to God-Realization. You must know that there are two sources of knowledge-one is senses and the other is Buddhi (Intellect). In between these two, the mind has its (place). When you sit in meditation, you must be cautious whether your mind is under the influence of senses or Buddhi or both. Senses tempt the mind towards sense objects, while Buddhi guides the mind to think of the consequences. Generally your minds are controlled by both senses and Buddhi. This sort of duality is the obstacle for meditation. So you must control your mind by Buddhi rather than by senses. You cannot attain perfection in meditation, unless you can have firm resolve to reach God."

"Due to worldly pleasures, you are unable to control your mind and senses in meditation. When the mind is purified, attachment of the mind for the perishable will go and your mind becomes pure. Mind can be controlled by practice and dispassion.

Out of these two, for meditation, practice is more essential. When your aim is to realize God, concentration of mind in the meditation, is more essential. Then only you will go into trance. In that state there Is no affinity for object, then you can realize yourself and from there onwards there will be no deviation."

"During rnectitation, if your body moves, your mind also moves. When the mind is unsteady, your senses, breath, and body get disturbed and thereby you will not get concentration. If you meditate by keeping your mind steady, you will get concentration. If you merge all your parts of your body in Atman, you will then get steadyness. Without doing any of these, you are unnecessarily getting worried that you are not getting concentration in meditation."

"During meditation, if you merge your mind in Atma, you will have 'Atma-Jnana'. With continuous meditation on God, you can secure 'Supreme Vignana'. If you have complete surrender, the meditation will become easy. Due to the desires of the world affairs in you, you are not able to do meditation well. So know that during meditation 'Vairagya' is most important. Unless you have intense desire towards God, you will not have stability in meditation. With full faith, if you meditate, that will remove all the external thoughts of your mind and make it one- pointed and you will have purity and peace of mind. With true total surrender, if you meditate your mind will have concentration and also you will go in trance. During meditation surrender your heart, mind, and Indriyas to God completely. This total surrender will lead to true Meditation. If you think that God is outside you, your progress will be retarded. To a devotee 'Vairagya' is the main grip. If one possess worldly detachment and Vairagya, then only one can attain the fruits of meditation. Only when your mind is pure, it can attain pure meditative state. During meditation, you will not only get internal peace and happiness, but also you will understand that all the worlds are in you. By doing meditation, all your mind's desires will be fulfilled. Meditate always with Nistha."

"If you want to be near God, you meditate always. Meditation means combining the mind with Atma and making them one. If you want to get rid of the sins, you have to do 'Adhiyatamka Dhyanam' and then you will get salvation. Meditation is superior than taking bath in 'Sapta Samudras'.

"Bodily ailments, doubts, dissatisfaction, misconception and unst--ady mind etc. are all hindrances to meditation. Before starting meditation, you do prayer to God that you are surrendering your body, Prana and Dhana and do prostration."

"I am indestructible and ever present. So if you meditate on Me, you can reach the permanent abode in Me. If you take this as your unquivering aim in your life, you can reach the goal safely. Never aspire at impermanent affairs. To attain My mercy and to reach Me, devotion with pure heart is very essential. Whatever ideas you have during your life time, they only project in your mind at the end of your life, you must meditate on Me, thinking of My Divine attributes through out your life and then you are sure to attain Me."

"Concentrate on meditation, it is possible only when the mind obeys the sp irit who dwells within you. Then only deep concentrated meditation is possible. Through meditation and concentration, one becomes conscious of the pure indwelling spirit, holding court in the citadel of the human body. Complete surrender of the ego '1' to the Divine, '1' in you is the only way to reach the plane of harmonious vision. Deep meditation and complete surrender, devoid of all thoughts and mental activities constitute the way to attain to the plane of Consciousness. Awake from the mental delusion and the seeming tangle of dualities. Raise above the intellect to higher planes of Truth - Consciousness - Bliss."

"It is not how long one meditates but how intense it is? The balanced and controlled mind will fetch you peace and bliss. Meditation quietens the mind, gives subtle power to the intellect and makes you understand the root cause of rebirths."

"If you meditate on Me the nectar of My Grace will fill the vessel of your heart. If one meditates on Me with truthful urge, he can know Me. To such a person, 1 shall grant not only the vision of My physical body, but also take him to greater spiritual heights."

"Concentration in meditation will only lead you to see the Divine vision. Without concentration, you will get in your mind several mundane desires for wife, sons, riches, honour, health etc. Therefore, such meditation will not lead to see My Divine Vision. So you must have a firm resolve that you have only to realise Me."


The power of Prayer is Universally accepted by all religions and cults. Prayer helps in achieving not only personal benifits, cultural purposes and mental peace, it also helps for the social good. Nothing is equal to Prayer in protecting the well being of an individual as well as the society.

To achieve universal peace we request Sai devotees to pray Lord Sainath in this Prayer room site.

"Oh! Sainath, the symbol of God in physical form, let your vast knowledge, true nature, energy and a heart-ful of compassion be the driving force of mine in all walks of life".

May the wicked turn good

May the good attain peace

May the peaceful be freed from all bondage

May the liberated redeem others

May everybody be happy

May everybody be free from disease

May everybody have good luck

May none fall on evil days

May everybody surmount difficulties

May everybody have good fortune

May everybody realise his ambitions

May everybody rejoice everywhere