Sai baba- Eleven Assurancess

  • 1. Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end.

    2. The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of my Samadhi.

    3. I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.

    4. My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.

    5. I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.

    6. My mortal remains will speak from my tomb.

    7. I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.

    8. If you look to me, I look to you.

    9. If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.

    10. If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.

    11. There shall be no want in the house of my devotee.

    Why fear when I am here?
    I am formless and everywhere
    I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space
    All that you see taken together is Myself.
    I do not shake or move more

  • Shridi Sai Ashtothram

    OM Shri Sai Nathaaya namaha
    OM Shri Sai Lakshmi naarayanaya namaha
    OM Shri Sai Krishnaraamashiva maruthyaadhi roopaaya namaha
    OM Shri Sai Seshasai ne namaha

  • Sai baba has no end

    Sai Baba of Shirdi is the Symbol and Essence of all religions.

    No religion was ever intended to be anything more than the Gateway to God as ruth. Shirdi Sai is the Path and Goal in the realisation of this Truth.