Sai Baba Temple: The Sai Baba Temple has plans to constructing a new temple for Lord Sai Baba at Erode, Tamilnadu. At present engineers and architects are working to finalize the workingof the temple. The temple will bear the look of an ancient, traditional and heritage temple yet will have all the modern facilities.

A visit to the Baba temple is an enriching experience as apart from the spiritual importance the beauty of the temple and its surrounding will be mesmerizing for you. The backdrop comprises of green vegetation which makes it marvelous place to visit. Sri Baba Temple is one of the most attractive temples of Erode. As a major structure of 12th and 13th century this is one of the biggest attractions of Tamilnadu.

Our Trust is proudly to announce "Donate for Sai Baba Temple" - An unique opportunity to sponsor the construction of Baba Temple in Erode, India.

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