Sai Baba's Teachings

Meditation is a mind free from thoughts. Meditation is the heart of yoga, the roof of Sadhana, the master key to knowledge the stream of love, the sacrificial rite that earns the richness of the Guru's Grace. Meditation is also one form of the Guru. Many will ask now to meditate and for how long. These are primary and essential questions. It is said in the Gita. The vision of the Self is obtained through meditation. In the Srimad Bhagavata it says : "In the meditation the Sadhaka becomes the form of God."

Just we have occupied in mundane activities, our mind also is immersed in love for God in meditation. When the mind becomes empty of thoughts and becomes one with the Self, we reach a very high state. So we must keep our mind empty. When we wake up after sleep, we experience a few moments when our mind is free of thoughts. We should make our mind peaceful and thought free, so that it becomes no different from the Self. This progress is to come in meditation.

What are the Benefits we get by doing Meditation?

Meditation is not only for spiritual life, but it also purifies the mind. As the mind becomes steady, the breath is retained for short periods in 'Kumbaka', which strengthens the nerves, improves blood circulation and digestion and increases one's alertness. Those who meditate everyday find that all the ailments are overcome. Through Meditation, the mind spontaneously becomes quite and stable and the movement of the breath becomes more relaxed. When we find peace within, a new excitement breaks forth in our life.

By doing meditation we will find the peace in ourselves. Search for the objects of the five senses ceases in meditation. When Sakthi opens her hidden store house, we will get higher meditation. When that happens, our true beauty will be revealed. Then we will come to know the Divine Lights. Our worldly desires will be fulfilled. Our treasured beauty will be attained. We will see the world as full of brilliance. Then Sound emanates. Divine music will be heard.. We will get deep steep. The sound will make us taste a Divine Elixer. Then we will have no more suffering, no more feelings of '1' and 'Mine'. Where there is beauty, sound and taste, there is always the 'Fragrance'. When Divine scent inside us reveals itself, the entire world becomes perfumed, and the same fragrance spreads throughout our house. Heaviness and numbness leaves our body and every limb is super charged with vitality. We will feel Divine Love pulsating inside for our children and relations. When our inner 'Kundalini Shakti' unfolds, Her love will flow all through our body, through all 72,000 nadies. Her rapture will spread through every particle of blood as a result we will experience bliss in every pore.

As the result, the light that was lost will return to our eyes, our lips will become red, our dried up face will become aglow with love, we will experience happiness in everything. Wives will become Godesses to their husbands, husbands becomes Gods to their wives. Houses become temples. We will ourselves become God.

We will behold beauty, we will taste Nectar, smell fragrance, hear Divine Voice and find joy. Meditate for this purpose and our daily needs are fulfilled without asking God. By constant meditation, we will get supernatural experiences such as 'Clair audience Clair Voyance and Yogic Postures'. In meditation, the power of our memory increases.

Through meditation, Divinity inspired mutual respect grows between husband and wife. Brother and sisters see the Divine in each other and the relationship between children, parents and in-laws are filled with a Divine Emotion. This is known as 'Svargamaya Samsar'. Life will be filled with heaven. This is the fruit of Meditation.

We should strive for this equanimity. This means, renounce disharmony and differentiation. As we dwell on oneness and live within it, distinctions fade away from our hearts. Awareness of oneness is the true essence of all. It is 'PARAM BRAHMA.

By doing meditation some develop extraordinary knowledge of past, present and future events. Some receive warnings of forthcoming mishaps. They talk and receive instructions from Gods and Godesses. They obtain insight into spiritual matters and readily find solutions to problems. They also acquire ability to see colours in their meditation. Some will see Red, White, Black, Blue and Saffron colours.

Significance of Colours seen in Meditation

Red, White, Black, Blue and finally Saffron colours will be seen in the meditation. These colours represent the nature of the body.

Significance of Red Colour

The stage of a red aura in the meditation, in the gross body. As the red stage progresses, body gradually became thinner and lighter. Fat will be reduced. Sometimes Prana would flow very quickly along with the nerves of the lower part of our back. Sometimes neck moves so vigorously making loud sound. This is Hatha Yoga process, effected by the Godess Kundalini, in order to go up through the spinal coloumn into the Sahasara. Sometimes when our neck rotates, our chin would get in the juglar notch below the throat. This is called 'Jalandara Bandha'. When this takes place, the anus would be automatically drawn in and then released. 'Rakteswari' is the Godess of Red-Aura.

Significance of White Colour

It is extremely beautiful. When we see this light, we get an unusual kind of a sleep in meditation. 'Shivatiswari'is the Goddess of the white flame. It is thumb size. The subtle body which shaped like a thumb is the means by which the individual soul experiences the dream state and enjoys some rest. It is the subtle body. It supports the gross or physical body. It represented by 'U', the second letter of 'Aum'. The individual soul in this body is called 'Tai Jasa'. Its seat is in the throat and white flame may be seen there in the vision.

Significance of Black Colour

White light is followed by Black light in the meditation. The Godess in this colour is 'Krishnaeswari'. First we will see red, then white flame within red aura and the black light within the white flame. Our meditation will become stable only when we concentrate on the black light. During this period, we will see in deep meditation, a deep and terrifying darkness. After some time the red, white and black lights would come. In this stage, we will feel pain between the eye brows., In this stage both eyes would roll upwards and the pupils would spin like wheels. When eyes spin, we would feel the Prana moving gently between our throat and space between our eye brows. We will smell different sweet odours in this stage. Sometimes the people around us will also get sweet odour floating around us.

Significance of Blue Colour

We will see first red aura, then white flame, then the black light and finally the Blue Colour. When we see the Blue Colour, the condition of our body and mind and our ways of understanding will be changed. We feel more delight in ourselves, and will be filled with pure and noble feelings. When this colour seen, meditation will be subtle. When we see this colour, it is the highest stage we have to enter within Blue Pearl to innerself for full realization.

The Blue Colour is a great and holy pilgrimage centre. Jnaneswar Maharaj says : 'This radiant and scintillating and sublime Blue Colour can be seen directly in, meditation. If we want to see such a great and wonderful thing, our way of life and our habits must be the purest and the most holy. Then only we become worthy of it. Our association, our words, and our thoughts should be full of God. He who has seen the Blue Colour is the most blessed of all human beings.'

How do we say that our Meditation is Pure and Free from thoughts

.Once our meditation becomes pure, it becomes free from thought. For example, when our meditation is fixed on the Blue Colour, the mind becomes permeated by it and in fact, we temporarily lose consciousness of our Self. We become oblivious of the inner and outer worlds. Objects are not seen when there is no one to see them. In that state, there is neither happiness nor sorrow, nor ignorance, neither perceiver nor perceived. Only the pure Paramatma, the Supreme Self, remains pulsating in His own Being. It is an unwavering, thought free, tranquil condition. It is the goal of our meditation. If we stay in this state for a short time, and then, when we begin to come out of meditation, we go from 'Turiya State'. Afterwards, in Turiya, no matter what happens. We will retain the realization of transcendental state Turiyatita.

Preliminaries to Meditation

We must sit down with peace. Raise our hands to our head as if it were our Baba's head and touch our two eyes, our ear, our nose, our tongue, our neck, our shoulders, imagining that they are all parts of our Guru Sai. In the same way touch our chest, our heart, our stomach, back, thighs, knees, calves, feet, saying over and over, thinking that they are all Sai's parts, keep repeating in our mind 'Guru Sai Sai'. Concentrating on this feeling, we have to begin our meditation. When we sit in meditation, our conduct should be pure and have noble thoughts, so that they may be able to conserve the Sakthi aroused by Sai's Grace.

We must first of all offer our body, mind, heart and soul to Sai Baba. Let us realize the purpose of our existence and let our eyes clearly see so that we may not mistake the unreal for reality of God. Thy light alone can dispel all the darkness from the mind of us. We must feel that our heart is captivated by thy enticing smile. Our soul is singing with joy in the embrace with love intoxicated. Sitting in meditation, we can clearly see and feel that our soul is enjoying right now. We must pray that our ego should be melted and our mind merge in God.

We must remain alert and vigilant in this matter.

On the importance of meditation, Sri Sai Baba said to Sri G.R. Dabolkar: "To get Atma-Jnana, meditation is necessary. It pacifies and carries the mind into Samadhi. So give up all desires and dwell in your mind upon God in all. If the mind is thus concentrated, your goal is achieved. Meditate on Baba either with form or as formless. If such formless contemplation is hard, then think of any form, just as you see it here. Think of it night and day. With such meditation, the mind dissolves into unity, and attains 'Laya'. The difference between subject and object (Myself and you) and the act of contemplation will be lost. This results in 'Chaitanya Brahma Samrapati'. The Guru's Grace is bread and milk for the pupil."

Baba further said : "I will be with you, whenever and wherever you think of Me. If one perpetually thinks of Me and makes Me his sole refuge, 1 am his 'debtor' and will give My Head to save such people. If one ever meditates on Me, repeat My name, sings My deeds, and thus transformed into Me, one's Karmna is destroyed. 1 stay by his side always. You should have truth always with you. Then 1 shall always be with you, wherever you are and at all times". Sai encourages His devotees to adopt his own form of meditation as an easy aid for concentration. Dhyana may thus be "Rupa" or 'Arupa'. In one of the verses Sri Jnaneswar has written "Seekers after the knowledge of perfection, the very eye of your eye, where the void comes to an end, the Blue Pearl pure sparkling, radiant that which opens the centre of repose when it arises is the great place of the Conscious Self. Look, this is the hidden secret of this experience. This is what Paramashiva told Parvathi Devi. Jnanadev says : 'I saw this through the Grace of my Sadguru Nivirttinath.'

Swamy Muktananda says that the significance of the Blue Colour, the Blue Godess, just from seeing this Blue Pearl, you can attain 'Jivan Mukthi', the state of liberation. But this is not full realization, nor the state of perfection or the final goal of Siddha Path. When you see the Blue Pearl all the time, this means, that you are in the 'Turiya State', the state of complete transcendance. If a seeker dies after having this vision, he will go to Brahma Loka and attain complete fulfilment by finishing his Sadhana here."

He further clarifies - "When Blue Pearl appears, mind would converge on it for long period of time, experiencing extremely joyful repose. Breathing becomes steady and shallow. When you breathe out the breath would go only the distance about two fingers from your nostrils and when you breathe in, it goes down only as far as your throat, never to your heart. During this stage, many Divine fragrances will come. They are so fine compared with finest scents. With the coming of these fragrances breathing becomes very short and slow and a special kind of Pranayam takes place." "He also says : God is the Supreme Light of all; lights take their brightness from Him only. There is no darkness about Him. This inner, external Blue of consciousness is the 'So Ham Brahma' - 'I am He - the Absolute' of Jnanis. This Blue is the adorable one chosen by Bhakta, who fills them with the nectar of love. This eternal Blue of Consciousness is the Divine Power of Grace. If this is not realised, you cannot understand that the Universe appears within God. When one who sees Blue Light always, he will see the entire Universe as a luminous sport of 'Chitsakthi'. He acquires the by which he sees the Blue light of Sththi in every one."

Does Constant Meditation Develop Great Powers?

"Constant meditation develops great powers. The letters of the Mantra become prominent and are flashed before the mental eye and they seem to burn like fire. Whenever repeated with an object in view, the object will be attained with the help of the Mantra which reveals itself as described above. Such a Mantra is usually known as 'Siddha Mantra'. When uttered, it is capable of producing the most extraordinary results. Similarly, when concentration is on a deity for a long time and according to a fixed procedure with devotion and under the guidance of a ,competent Guru, your Istha-Devata will be realised. This Deity reveals itself before the Sadhaka and offers him everything he desires. Your Istba-Devata never leaves you and remains practically at your side always. The concentration should make you entirely oblivious of the surroundings and you should think of yourself as one with the Universal energy. Your mind should think of yourself as one with the Universal energy. Your mind should be akin to Susupti or deep sleep condition. When this is practised for a long time, certain signs appear before your mental eye and your Istha Devata show conclusively that the Sadhaka is progressing towards the realisation of your Istha Devata. The signs appear in five successive stages. The sign in the beginning is the vision of mirage. This gives place gradually in the second stage to a vision of smoke. In the third stage, the Sadhaka visualises bright sparks in the space in the form of fire flies. The form of light is seen in the fourth stage which is replaced in the fifth stage by a constant light like that of the cloudless sky. That is to say, when meditation is practiced for a sufficient length of time, you see the vision of a constant light which does not revert to the other four inferior stages. The light referred here is the Light of Pure Satva. When the mind is deeply absorbed in that quality, then, indeed, does this condition of Light which is free from all pain follow. This is the Jyothi, light which is the sure sign of constant meditation on the deity can now be practised with confidence in order that the deity may appear before the Sadhaka in a vision. In the beginning the vision will appear, disappear and again reappear. By constant practice, the vision becomes permanent. Then you should have reached perfection when this state is reached. The deity will confer on you all that you desire and never leaves you. Thereby, you become endowed with supernatural powers and acquire control over the Law of Nature. To attain the above, one must have enough patience, regular practice for years or perhaps for a whole life time. Everything depends on faith and Sadhana. The Sadhana is the greatest and most glorious mystic experience that can be attained in your life. Your life would be aimless without pursuit of Sadhana."

These Golden words were preached by Sri Sankaracharya.

Our sorrows are our teachers. We must wipe of our ignorance and passions. Ignorance is destroyed by wisdom. The desires and thoughts are to be understood. When we observe highly bright colours during our meditation we see a form in that colour. The brightness of the colour equals to that of the Sun. The colour depends on our thoughts. Each of Kama-Krodha etc. have a different colours. By identifying the the meditation, we can know what Guna is predorninant in our mind. After some time, these colours in meditation embrace each other into one and we can see the form clearly. We must practise to identify this.

"Do Sadhana to experience the state of thoughtlessness (Nirvikalpa Sthithi) through meditation. This is definitely superior State. In the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, everything appears as 'Brahmam'. When the illusion of life ceases we will experience the Supreme Knowledge that we are 'Para- Brahrna'. Our Ajnana will be burnt in the fire of that knowledge. We should not stop At that. We must further know that 'Paramatma' is in us only. This .can be realized by only Meditation.

We must cry for God to experience His sweetness in meditation. Our sorrows drop off as we turn inwards deeply in meditation. If we meditate on Sri Sai Baba wholeheartedly, we shall have a blessed life. If we meditate on Baba through Nirvikalpa Samadhi, we will become eternal and prove to be the sole Supreme Consciousness. If we have faith in Sri Sai Baba and meditate, our mind shall be pristine, pure (Suddha-Satvika). If we thus meditate, we shall experience certain appearances such as Divine Light (Jyothi). Such appearances are proof that our mind is sanctified.

Meditation does not mean a Karma done with the mind. Meditation is looking into all the transactions of Karma generated in the mind. This is the insight. The insight is the one that wipes out our defects. This deep insight removes our sorrows and worries. Meditative life is a blessed life and get Divine pleasure. We must always make ourselves Atma Vimarsha by recapitulating all that we have so far done in this birth.

Baba said to one of His devotee : "Have complete faith in Me and give away your wants to Me. Who asked you to suffer? While 1 am showing the right path, you are going in a wrong way. If you have got confidence in Me, 1 shall reveal all the secrets relating to My Philosophy. Perpetual meditation is the way of your life. Qualities like anger, grief, greed are making you restless. By constant meditation you can get rid them off. Selfless deeds and thoughts purify your mind. Practice this through your meditation."

Baba also says - 'Those who take complete refuge in Me and think of Me always in meditation, they are able to see the Universe in their bodies and passions of mind as Chaitanya, but also 1 will show various colourful visions, sounds and other worlds in the meditation. To those who manage to see the external world as inert in meditation, 1 will slow to such people the place of 'Diwividhya Tyagi'. 1 am the 'Adwaitha Brahma'.

Baba says: "If you meditate on Me with perseverance and concentration, you will get results. Such people can get over Maya or the 'Tri gunas'. 1 am responsible for well being of those who are devoid of egoism and attachment. Treat pain and pleasure equally. Offer your mind and Buddhi to Me and then meditate with one-pointed mind. Some of you are inviting your own down fall by practicing sorcery against My devotees being foolishly prompted by arrogance, jealousy and hatred. All of you must meditate on Me, with firm faith that 1 am the father and mother of this Universe. Know that 1 am in those who meditate on Me, with complete faith, then they are in Me.'

Sri Sai Baba always says: 'If one ever meditates on Me, repeats My name, sings My deeds and is thus transformed into Me, one's Karma is destroyed. 1 stand by his side always.'

It was Baba's look out to see that His nature and attitude towards His devotees should be thoroughly well impressed upon devotees mind and look after their welfare. Baba had to repeat his efforts to ensure the thorough fixing of these valuable truths and impressions in Chandorkar's mind. The most common and basic things one would include in the list of ordinary man's needs are water to drink and food to eat. By a kind act, act of Divine Providence, Baba provides these two to His devotees.

In meditation, render your mind vacant and spirituous all of your senses. Then only the outside world will disappear. In order to reach the inner world, we transcend our mind and the senses. This is possible only in meditation.

"Meditation' means - 'Releasing liberation from the shackles of the Finite into the freedom of 'infinite'. This process is called Meditation.

The aim of meditation is to make contact with the Reality. This is possible only after the self of the body mind complex is duly penetrated. This is possible only when the subtle as well as the causal body surpasses, when the body-consciousness takes its place.

Concentration must not be mistaken for meditation. For concentration, things are important. Purity of consciousness moral awareness and spiritual discrimination. Concentration is below senses and meditation is beyond senses. If we are interested in meditation, we must undertake the journey from below the senses and beyond the senses. When we experience Blissful consciousness, that experience is meditation.

When the individual awareness is released from the clutches of the body-rnind consciousness and loses its identity and rnerges with the Divine Consciousness, is called meditation.

So we must try to practice such meditation and thereby we will gain Moksha.

Meditation is the name for a period of rest provided for the busy and wayward mind.

The Vasanas i.e. recollection of past experiences, influences the thought process, ie. the mind plays the time and the body acts out the role through five senses of Karma Indriyas.

Detachment of the mind from the Sense, objects as well as the relief from the consequent mental agitation, are essential for success in meditation.

We must be vigilant, never lose our temper, avoid pride, and tendency of fault finding of others. A sense of joy is necessary for concentration and, meditation.

What is Samadhi Sthiti

Samadhi is not a state of unconsciousness. The correct meaning of Samadhi is the state in which the intellect has achieved equanimity. If we maintain an equal mind whether we are in pleasure or pain is Samadhi. That is the real fruit of Samadhi. The motto of meditation is :

i. When we are silent, we talk best;

ii. When our eyes are closed, we see best;

iii. When our ears shut, we hear best;

iv. when our mind is at rest, we think best.